Other Income

Do I Include My Scholarship, Fellowship, or Education Grant as Income on My Tax Return?

Determine whether the educational assistance you received is taxable.

How Do I Claim My Gambling Winnings and/or Losses?

Determine how to claim your gambling winnings and/or losses.

Can I Exclude Income Earned in a Foreign Country?

Determine whether income earned in a foreign country is eligible to be excluded from income reported on your U.S. federal income tax return.

Do I Have Income Subject to Self-Employment Tax?

Determine if you have income subject to self-employment tax.

Is My Residential Rental Income Taxable and/or Are My Expenses Deductible?

Determine if your residential rental income is taxable and/or if your basic expenses associated with the rental property are deductible.

Is My Tip Income Taxable?

Determine whether the income you received in the form of tips is taxable.

Are Payments I Receive for Being Unemployed Taxable?

Determine if payments received for being unemployed are taxable.