Additional Topics

Am I Eligible to Apply for an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number?

Determine if you should file an application to receive an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).

Can I or My Spouse Claim Part of a Refund Being Applied Toward a Debt Owed by the Other Spouse?

Decide if you should file a claim for part of a refund that was jointly applied toward a spouse’s past due debt for which you weren't responsible (federal/state tax, child/spousal support, student loan, etc.).

Do I Have Cancellation of Debt Income on My Personal Residence?

Determine if any of the debt canceled on your principal residence is required to be included as income on your federal tax return.

Am I Required to Make Estimated Tax Payments?

Determine if you’re required to make estimated tax payments for 2019 or if you meet an exception.

Do I Need to Pay the Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax?

Determine if you're required to pay highway use tax on a highway motor vehicle used on any public highway in the United States.